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Annual Car Show


Annual Car, Truck, & Cycle Show


August 2024, Date to be announced.


Car Show Video


Rain or Shine


GREAT FOOD: Lunch available     


Show Location:  Salem Civic Center


Dash Plaques will be given to the first 200 registrants. Registration is from 9 am-11 a.m. Awards will be presented @ 2:00pm. Pre-Registration fee is $15.00, if postmarked by Aug. 1st, Day of Show Registration is $20.00. Star City Cruisers promoting aid to Veterans receiving care at Salem VAMC.


For more information call: 540-793-4234    540-798-1972   540-588-5965


Lots of Fun for All / Silent Auction / Ticket Raffle / 50-50 /Coloring Contest with Prizes for children


Event management reserves the right to restrict entrants to acceptable behavior during any and all activities of the Star City Cruisers Event. Any reason an entrant / vehicle, their conduct is deemed objectionable by event management, entrant and his vehicle will be subject to eviction from the premises. This includes persons, things, printed matter, or any act of poor character which the management considers to be objectionable to the event’s well-being.  In the case of any eviction / restriction, the Star City Cruisers are not liable for refunding entry fees. Star City Cruisers will not be responsible for any damages to any vehicles participating in or attending show.


Mail / Email information below to:

Star City Cruisers

PO Box 271

Blueridge VA 24064


Check / Money order payable to: Star City Cruisers






Club Affiliation(s):

Vehicle Info:






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