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Membership Bylaws



BY-LAWS for the






Amendment Date:  03/08/05

Ammended  01/31/13

Ammended  10/30/14        

Article 1:          Name and emblem


            Section 1          The name – Star City Cruisers

Section 2          The emblem- Large star background- three street machines inside the star- The words written in script, Star City Cruisers, in a circular pattern between the points of the star.

Section 3          New members will be voted into the club according to the following: 1/3 of the current membership must be present to vote on a new member and a majority vote of members present is needed to approve or disapprove a prospective member.  New members are to be voted on individually by ballot or show of hands.  Prospective members must be in attendance at the club meeting when membership application is submitted for Club vote and must be sponsored by an active member.  Perspective new members should attend one club meetings prior to the call for membership vote which will occur on the second club meeting attended.  Extenuating circumstance can be approved by club members, if necessary.  (1/31/13)


Article 2:          Objectives


Section 1          To create good family fellowship and sportsmanship among all members of the club.

Section 2          To promote interest in various forms of automotive enthusiast activity.

Section 3          To conduct club functions and activities in a manner befitting members of the automotive enthusiast sport.  Also, to encourage a better understanding of our sport among members of the public, press and law enforcement agencies.

Section 4          To conduct ourselves in a respectful manner among all club members and their families and the general public.

Section 5          No alcoholic or illegal drugs to be consumed at any club function.  A club function is any activity planned by the club and attended by the members as a group.  Any impromptu assembly of the club members is not considered a club function.

Section 6          No weapons are allowed at any club function.  A club function is any activity planned by the club and attended by the members as a group.


Article 3:          Membership


Section 1          Any persons of good character interested in automotive activities                                               are eligible for membership.

Section 2          All members must maintain their cars in areas of safety according to state standards.

Section 3          All members should attend as many regular club meetings and activities as possible.


Article 4:          Initiation Fees and Dues


Section 1          The annual dues for existing members (which includes: spouse and dependent children) will be $20, due by the September meeting (if not paid by the October meeting-membership will be terminated).  (10/30/14)

Section 2          New member’s annual dues will be $20 and will be payable upon club approval of new member.  This is a non-refundable fee, if member leaves club for any reason. (10/30/14)

Section 2          If a member should leave the club and return, they would be required to be voted on as a new member and Article 4, Section 2 would apply. (10/30/14)


Article 5:          Officers


Section 1          The elected officers of the club include:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Correspondent and Sergeant at Arms.


Article 6:          Elections


Section 1          All nominees for any office must be active members and in good standing.

Section 2          If an officer is not able to fulfill their duties as defined in Article 7, then the Governing Body can call for nominations.  If the office of the President is in question, then the Vice President will preside over the Governing Body.

Section 3          All officers are elected at the last meeting prior to the beginning of a new 12 month term and will assume office at the first regular meeting of the new term.  Officers may be elected for consecutive terms.

Section 4          Nominations must be made from the floor during a regular business meeting; one month prior to election in August.  Elections will occur during September club meeting and new board of Officers will begin their year of service in October of current year. (1/31/13)

Section 5          Elected officers will be decided by a majority vote of club members present:  1/3 of current membership must be present.  (1/31/13)


Article 7:          Duties of officers


Section 1          The President will preside over all meetings of the club, issue the call for regular and special meetings, schedule regular elections ensuring that they are held in accordance with these by-laws, and countersign club checks with the Treasurer, or Vice President in the Treasurer’s absence.

Section 2          The Vice President will perform the duties and responsibilities of the President in the President’s absence or when called upon.

Section 3          The Secretary will record and maintain the minutes of the meetings of the club, maintain membership records, give notices of all regular and special meetings, and supervise all records of the club.

Section 4          The Treasurer will collect dues, collect all other monies due the club, maintain the club’s accounting books, disburse funds as directed by the club, countersign club checks with either the President or Vice President, and make regular reports to the club of its financial status.

Section 5          the Correspondent is responsible for handling all incoming correspondence for upcoming show events.  (1/31/13)

Section 6          The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for assisting the President and Vice President in maintaining order during all club meetings and events.

Section 7          The Governing Body consists of the President and four club members appointed by the President.  This forum is responsible for hearing cases of club bylaw violations by its members, and determining appropriate action, if any, including dismissal from the club.


Article 8:          Meetings


Section 1          Regular membership meetings will typically be held the last Thursday of each month.  Exceptions will be announced.

Section 2          Order of business for all club meetings is as follows:


  1. Call to order         Committee reports
  2. Roll call or sign in          Old business
  3. Introduction of visitors                      New business
  4. Reading of the Secretary’s                       Announcements

Minutes and club approval                     J.         Adjournment

  1. Reading of the Treasurer’s

Report and club approval


Section 3          Committees shall be appointed by the President to achieve the goals of the club.


Article 9:          Amendments


Section 1          The club bylaws can be amended at any regular or special meeting of the membership according to Article 1, Section 3 (1/3-2/3 rule).

Section 2          Approved and accepted amendments take effect immediately.

Section 3          Any member of immediate family member will refrain from entering a vehicle in any car show sponsored by Star City Cruisers.  Likewise, refrain from purchasing raffle tickets for items being raffled by the Star City Cruisers.

Section 4          An audit committee, to be appointed by the President, to include two club members will perform an audit of the club treasury account to occur every other year or when the Treasurer is replaced by a new club member.  This audit committee will begin in the year 2013. (1/31/13)


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