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The Star City Cruisers Car Club was founded in September 1994 in Roanoke, Virginia to fulfill a need in our community for a club that represents the diverse interest of the automotive enthusiast.  We strive to maintain an organization that is centered on family values and good sportsmanship.

Our goal is to foster mutual respect for each other and community.  We will abide by the laws and regulations for the safe operation of our vehicles at all times.  We will seek to build a positive relationship with law enforcement officials as well as local and state delegates.

We will be active in the preservation of rights of the enthusiast at the local, state and federal level.  We will be active in matters relating to the improvement of our community.

Staff of elected officers directs us.  Their challenge is to keep members focused on maintaining the standards defined in our bylaws and promoting our core values.  Our core values are Integrity, Trust, Freedom & Respect, Fairness, Innovation, Vision, Localness, Initiative and Fun.

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